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Attendance capture pattern and tracking designed for unforced work , track and manage attendance in all the days at any time. It is referred by ID card , punch card and scanners to systematic the attendance maintaining procedure.

Its building the tracking time and attendance of the students, entry of the teachers/staffs giving alert to the parents regarding the absence and holiday details about their children's.

Attendance reports can be generated in various criteria and assist teachers about student entry details and this source combined module that automate the calculate percentage of leaves, present date, gives relevant systematic information to the administration department and checks the individual attendance record and alert to parents.
Bio metric Attendance System:

Bio-metric fingerprint device
is an advanced security measure used for attendance of employees which reads the fingerprint   of the employee to access the premises. It reduces the time and attendance cost and also generate various reports such as    employees In and Out time, his presence and movement in the factory, data for generating salary check list etc.

Functions Enables in Attendance Management System:

Track student attendance
Attendance report generation
Alert to parents/guardian regarding student attendance
Planned and unplanned leave maintenance
Connect with ID/Punch card
Attendance percentage calculation
Easy to use
Error-free, efficient and stable
Connect with all type of reports and statements
Monitoring class wise/group wise/ and report maintenance

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