Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Our (WHBS) Moodle Customization Services

We at White House Business Solutions P Ltd, (WHBS) offer various moodle customization services. The following are our moodle customization services and solutions.

Custom Moodle modifications for Online courses and examinations:

Moodle custom themes and installation

Moodle theme design

Moodle course design

Moodle customization

Moodle module development

Moodle plugin development

Payment gateway integration

We are one of the pioneer in Moodle customization and implementation with an experience of almost a decade. The industry that we have served so far with our moodle customization / moodle implementation services include but not limited to:

Manufacturing Sector

Automobile Finance

Service Sector

Medical Training and Qualifying Examinations

HR Consultancy

Recruitment Industry

Capacity Building for Government Organizations

Multivarsity Solution for NGOs

Innovative Platform for Educational Sector

Moodle services offered:

Theme Creation

Single sign-on with HRMS/SAP/SIS

Moodle LDAP/authentication implementation

Competency Management

Payment gateway integration

Voice/Video conferencing implementation along with  integration

Video Streaming solution via moodle

Customization to mend moodle for self-paced delivery of courses

Customized Reports

Moodle powered Assessment engine

We offer one stop solution for moodle customization services and we take care of support services also.

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Open source : Moodle Customization and Solutions:

Open Source Customization:

Moodle Customization and Solutions:

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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

OTRS - Complaint Logs Tracking Software

If you have any issue in opening a software of any system problems, just log in to the OTRS to register your complaint. For large scale companies with 200+ or 300+ computers managing complaint is a cumbersome task.
To maintain complaint logs and also to track the repetition times, there needs to be a software which should track the ticket raised and whether it is resolved or not. OTRS from WHBS allows the user to raise the complaint and to track the resolving status of it online.

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Open Ticket Request Software (OTRS)

Open ticket request system reduces the waiting time to complete the quality checking for the entire course. This facilitates to attend the quality checking reports “bug by bug” simultaneously without wasting the precious man hours costs for any corporate.

No need to maintain or consolidate the bugs daily or monthly or project-wise for any documentation process. It’s all in this OTRS, which saves enormous time involved in documentation.....Click for more details...

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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Software That Transform Business

The Process and unit of business change has become more difficulty than ever. It’s no surprise, then, that widely the corporate/software changes the works still easily. The key to successful software management is confirm that transformation is hard to submit on its projected benefits.

Our software transformation solution provided practical and innovative answers to complex business challenges. that help to provide rich performance and functionality , and software help companies make the essential link between approach and presentation.

For example If you thought of advertising a vacancy in your business if you aren’t using the right followups  to promote and fill your requirement . And you are receiving lots of paper Cvs probably  it is not one of the method to fit with today systematic world.

And also you don’t need to worry about managing a huge values of Cvs anymore because nowadays there are so many management software,  consulting services to serve you in a right way....more details...Click

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

LMS - Joomla, Drupal, Plone, Ning, Wordpress and Moodle Customization

Content management system  (CMS),  This  enables  you  to create   an   innovative   Web   sites   and   powerful    online applications.  and  so  far  including its easiness and flexible, have  made  Joomla  the  most  popular  Web  site   software available.                                                                                   

Joomla  is  an open source solution that is freely available  to everyone  and  Best  of  all.  The   system  that  allows  you   to  keeps   track   of   every   piece  of  content  on your Web site,  Content   can   be  simple  text,  photos,  music,  video, documents, or  just  about  anything  you  can  think  of.

A  major  advantage  of  using  a  CMS  is  not  required  no technical  skill  or  knowledge  to  manage.  Since  the  CMS manages all your content.

Modern information technologies have created the capacity of design and deploy whole learning management system that only deliver the course work. learning management system is where you can paced online courses in a form of online catalogs.

LMS s/w used to plan, deliver and publish your self embedded systematic approaches by the help of LMS the learners can identify the related information and there is a place to track information, and can interactive with the online training courses among the most popular of all the learning management system is
moodle. White House Business Solutions has grown its expertise in developing an in-house Learning Management System after years of researching in different open source LMS available in the market.

Moodle Customization:

What we do?

Moodle is a PHP based open source Learning Management System, currently rated as the best of all open source LMS. WHBS has a dedicated team with stronger technical expertise in Moodle.

Advanced features like database, forums and wikis can also be
integrated and implemented. We analyze your learning requirements and identify the best solution for you and thus giving you a custom made Moodle LMS so you can have your training and tutoring run smoothly.

Theme customization:

Moodle plugins are developed according to the customer needs…some of the plugins customization we have done for our clients.

Customized  features in moodle:

The customized moodle package, effectively increasing the quality of moodle , we have customized the moodle in several ways. The following customization will explain how the origination moodle has modified.                         

Moodle installation,Setup GUI customization:
PowerPoint presentations,and it was later converted to flash to delivery and also exercise for them as a part of content development. Online course on disaster management in collaboration for world bank.

Web portal for TAFE- Tractor and farm equipment.

A unique and first attempt to customize moodle in Tamil

Wordpress customization:
How do you let invitees stay a few minutes more on your blog to let you capture their auxiliary attention? There has to be lot of  reasons why they stay on but one substantial thing is the outward show and style of your website.

And this is where WordPress enters the picture. We cannot imagine how the online business would be without one great content management system that makes sure the website or blog is serviceable, handy and appealing.

WordPress customization service certify the sustainability of a site to make it big in the online business. Customized sites develop tremendous landing pages and provide a personal stroke that gives a strong demonstration about the artifact or company. 

And  we cant imagine so long for word customization but still we need to give our full effort to make our websites so usable, manageable and appealing for that we are providing such services to make your tricky job become trouble free..And we are expertise in developing an in-house Learning Management System after years of researching in different open source LMS available in the market.

What we do?

Word Press is an open source Content Management System, popularly known for its forum and blog publishing applications. Word Press is an ideal tool for building blogs and forums if you are keen on building a professional blog for your organization or for yourself.

WHBS offers various services in Word Press such as developing a new Word Press template for you, design it, develop it and bring in functionalities what ever you wish for and of at any complex level. 

We do Word Press customization, SEO activities and other advanced functionality. Away  from WordPress customization,some of the reasons why WordPress is the blog of choice for thousands of user.

We are providing wordpress customization with the following qualities:

Likely clear and adaptable and user-friendly. It provide the connection between the bloggers and the onlookers.

WordPress has smooth map reading that allows accuracy. One can navigate the page without any my satification with the help of WordPress customization service.

One of the helpful features of a customized site is the theme. WordPress customization service offer you to amend the outward look of the blog, beautifying  its fascination and magnetism.

And, thus, WHBS now offers customization and implementation services of some of the in demand Content Management Systems such as Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress, Ning, Plone and Moodle.

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Stone Age to New Age

Are you having a proprietary LMS which was given by your vendor or a consultant? Pitty you are still in stone age.

More than anything, you are shedding annual licensing costs to the users by which your solution providers and the LMS companies are getting benefits.

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Monday, August 31, 2015

How your collaboration with WHBS will benefit?

Look our impressive list of clients which are very divergent like corporates, financial institutions, corporates, training institutions and educational institutions.

Being in collaboration with every institute of its kind, we had an acumen to guide you in a way which benefits your organisation both institutionally and economically.

Not that we provide cost effective solutions for you but also impart the knowledge which will be viable and feasible for you in a long term basis.

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Friday, August 21, 2015

Universities and Colleges taking a giant leap to provide learning facilities

To excel in their field, and to gain competitive edge in their market and services colleges and universities are started to redefine their mission and vision.

As part of it, the educational institutions are now focusing to set up learning portal to reach their students beyond classrooms. This makes the student to access the educational materials anywhere when they are connected to internet.

There were many open source learning management systems used to set up training and learning portal. On top of all everyone's favourite is MOODLE.

When Rajalakshmi engineering college, Chennai decided to set up an e-learning lounge for their students, they approached us and we made one of their dream to realize in their services of excellence.

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Which is Important Sales or Support?

For any users options for selecting always outnumbers the services/solutions they need during critical time. For example, you have many health care centres with many specialists you pick for the treatment, but there are very few who offers real patient care and genuine services.

Another example is you can choose, say mobile phones in e-commerce sites, which offer price comparisons, flash sales, etc., but how much of them offer good service support after sales.
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